We use Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers and Twos and Creative Curriculum for Preschool at each of our locations.  
•    A scientifically-based, implemented early childhood curriculum
•    Aligns with the Pennsylvania Learning Standards for Early Childhood
•    One of the most widely used of early childhood curriculum throughout the U.S.
•    Based on child development and learning theories of Piaget, Vygotsky and Erikson
•    Developmentally appropriate, child centered, intellectually stimulating


In all our classrooms, planning for play and learning begins with observation & assessment.  Plans are based the ongoing observations that teacher make about your child’s strengths, needs and interests.  You’ll be offered progress notes and the opportunity to have a parent-teacher conference each fall, winter and spring. Of course, teachers will be communicating regularly with you through weekly and daily notes, and are always eager to listen to the information you have to share about your child.

Since play is the foundation for young children’s learning and development, you will see well-equipped and carefully arranged classrooms at each of our locations.  Learning materials are accessible to children and ample time is provided for the your child’s self-directed work and play in the classroom. Each teacher also plans a balanced daily schedule so there’s time for both active and quiet play, large group and small group activities, and indoor and outdoor play. Each location has plenty of outside space where children can safely play on an age appropriate playground.

Looking for more specific information about the learning program for your child? See the list of various age groups below.


Your baby has his/her own unique temperament and is on a unique developmental path. In our infant rooms, babies are provided individualized and responsive care.  Our teachers respect the uniqueness of your baby by providing times of sleep, play, and feeding that are individualized for your baby. Our infant rooms are safe and stimulating   and staffed with loving and caring teachers. We share your concern for health and safety so we have high standards for cleanliness and sanitization to help control the spread of germs and minimize illness.


Our toddler rooms are designed to encourage your toddler’s growing sense of independence and need for security and consistency. You’ll see open spaces in the classrooms where your toddler can practice newly acquired physical skills as well as cozy areas where he or she can find a teacher’s lap to have some quiet time or hear a story.  There’s plenty of adult support to help your toddler learn important self-help skills    such as feeding and toileting. Our teachers are eager to partner with you as your toddler takes these important developmental steps.

Our preschool classrooms are designed to support your child’s growing ability to be active learners and to express himself/herself through words, art, pretend play and construction play.  Each classroom features learning centers such as blocks, dramatic play, art, table toys and puzzles, library, science/nature and sand.  The teachers plan a large group time each day when your preschooler has a chance to join with classmates to sing, hear stories, play games and do movement activities. Additionally, each day your preschooler has the chance to work in a small group where teachers have planned activities related to math, science, literacy, creative expression or health/safety/nutrition.  We know that you want your preschooler to be ready for the formal reading instruction that begins when he/she will go to kindergarten.  Therefore, our preschool teachers plan a literacy activity    every day that supports your child’s development of letter recognition, oral language, letter-sound recognition and beginning writing. Like you, we want your preschool to be ready to be a reader.

Our school age program offers support with homework as well as arts and crafts, games, and other activities, which continue into the summer camp program.  On days off during the school year we plan age appropriate field trips or on-site programs along with special art projects and organized sports!

Because you care about your child’s growth and development, our teachers observe and assess each child throughout the year. They record observations of your child’s growth in each of the key learning areas on a daily basis. Several times a year formal assessment tools are used:

•    Ages & Stages Questionnaires is a developmental screen that is done within 45 days of your child’s enrollment. You’ll also be asked to complete one at the time of registration.  This is a widely used screening that looks closely at your child’s development so you can be assured that he is developing typically.  If the ASQ indicates a need for a further evaluation to rule out a risk of developmental delay, the director at each location has many resources to share with you so you can make an informed next step.

•    Ounce Scale is the ongoing assessment that our infant/toddler teachers use for planning appropriate activities, monitoring children’s progress and communicating with parents.  The Ounce Scale is used in all Keystone Star 3 and 4 centers in Pennsylvania. Each fall, winter and spring our teachers will share progress reports and you’ll be offered a conference.

•    Work Sampling System is the ongoing assessment that our preschool teachers use for planning appropriate activities, monitoring children’s progress and communicating with parents.  The Work Sampling System is used in all Keystone Star 3 and 4 centers in Pennsylvania.  Each fall, winter, and spring our teachers will share progress reports with you and you’ll be offered a conference.

•    Phonological Awareness Literacy Screen (PALS) is used for four year olds who will be going to kindergarten the following year.  The PALS help teachers to plan appropriate literacy activities and to monitor children’s progress as they get ready to be readers.

We believe that one way children learn is through play. Therefore, children deserve an atmosphere, which allows them to explore, imagine and dream!
We understand that age appropriate programs create the basis of learning, which is very important to their future as students. We strive to offer extracurricular activities that are interactive and fun for each age group.  The programs we offer to fulfill those needs are:

-Toddlers:  Our toddlers participate in bi-weekly Sign Language classes.  During class  they learn signs for everyday words that are beneficial for helping them to communicate their needs.  

-Preschool:  Our preschoolers participate in bi-weekly Fitness classes.  During class they learn various exercises, games, and team building skills.

-Pre-K:  Our pre-k students participate in ABC Mouse. ABC Mouse is a website that helps children build a strong foundation for future academic success by providing a comprehensive and engaging online curriculum to greatly assist early learners to succeed in pre-k, kindergarten, and early elementary school programs.  During class they learn various words, numbers, songs, and poems that assist them with basic communication in Spanish which provides them with a solid base for continuing their learning process in grade school.

-School-Age:  Our school-age children participate in a variety of on-site activities and off-site field trips during the summer and on days off from school. (Check the School-Age/Summer Camp link for more information).

All of our Enrichment Programs are included with the tuition so that there is no extra charge for our families.  This allows every child to participate!

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